Brand New Bestsellers

All books below placed in the top 15 in the New York Times Bestseller List (Updated Weekly), and are listed in order of popularity. We have four library branches, and not all books are at all four. A listing of branches that carry each book appears at the end of the description.


  • THE JUDGE'S LIST, by John Grisham. The second book in the Whistler series. Investigator Lacy Stoltz goes after a serial killer and closes in on a sitting judge. Georgetown, Andrews, Waccamaw, Southern Georgetown, and the BookMobile.
  • MERCY, by David Baldacci. The fourth book in the Atlee Pine series. Atlee discovers her twin sister survived an abduction at the age of 6.
  • THE STRANGER IN THE LIFEBOAT, by Mitch Albom. After a ship explodes, nine people struggling to survive pull a man who claims to be the Lord out of the sea. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • THE WISH, by Nicholas Sparks. Maggie Dawes, a renowned travel photographer, struggles with a medical diagnosis over Christmas. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY, by Amor Towles. Two friends who escaped from a juvenile work farm take Emmett Watson on an unexpected journey to New York City in 1954. Georgetown, Andrews, Waccamaw, and Southern Georgetown. 
  • THE DARK HOURS, by Michael Connelly.  A death on New Year’s Eve, an unsolved murder and a hunt for serial rapists bring Bosch and Ballard back together. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • BETTER OFF DEAD, by Lee Child and Andrew Child. The 26th book in the Jack Reacher series. Reacher helps an F.B.I. agent look for her missing brother and takes on a foe named Dendoncker. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • GAME ON, by Janet Evanovich. The 28th book in the Stephanie Plum series. Diesel and Stephanie track the international computer hacker Oswald Wednesday. Georgetown and Waccamaw.
  • CLIVE CUSSLER'S THE DEVIL'S SEA, by Dirk Cussler. Dirk Pitt’s latest adventure involves a missing Buddhist artifact, a failed hypersonic missile and a hijacked ship. Georgetown and Waccamaw.
  • CLOUD CUCKOO LAND, by Anthony Doerr. An interconnected cast of dreamers and outsiders are in dangerous and disparate settings past, present and future. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • NEVER, by Ken Follett. Tensions escalate around the globe as President Pauline Green works to prevent a world war. Georgetown only.
  • BILLY SUMMERS, by Stephen King. A killer for hire who only takes out bad guys seeks redemption as he does one final job. Georgetown, Andrews, and Waccamaw.
  • TOM CLANCY: CHAIN OF COMMAND, by Marc Cameron. The 21st book in the Jack Ryan series. A shadowy billionaire plans to kidnap the first lady to get President Jack Ryan out of his way. Georgetown and Waccamaw.
  • THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY, by Matt Haig. Nora Seed finds a library beyond the edge of the universe that contains books with multiple possibilities of the lives one could have lived. Georgetown, Waccamaw, BookMobile, and Southern Georgetown.
  • THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME, by Laura Dave. Hannah Hall discovers truths about her missing husband and bonds with his daughter from a previous relationship. Georgetown, Waccamaw, and Carver's Bay.


  • THE 1619 PROJECT, edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Caitlin Roper, Ilena Silverman and Jake Silverstein. Viewing America’s entanglement with slavery and its legacy, in essays adapted and expanded from The New York Times Magazine.
  • ALL AMERICAN CHRISTMAS, by Rachel Campos-Duffy and Sean Duffy. A collection of holiday memories from members of the staff of Fox News.
  • WILL, by Will Smith with Mark Manson. The actor, producer and musician tells his life story and lessons he learned along the way.
  • BETRAYAL, by Jonathan Karl. The ABC News' chief Washington correspondent gives an account of the end of the Trump presidency.
  • THE LYRICS: 1956 TO THE PRESENT, by Paul McCartney. A two-volume celebration of 154 songs, with handwritten texts, paintings and photographs from the songwriter’s archives.
  • THE STORYTELLER, by Dave Grohl. A memoir by the musician known for his work with Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Georgetown only.
  • THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The antivaccine advocate gives his take on the chief medical advisor to the president.
  • THE PRESIDENT AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTER, by Brian Kilmeade. The Fox News host gives an account of the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Georgetown Only.
  • THE DAWN OF EVERYTHING, by David Graeber and David Wengrow. A reinvestigation of social evolution and suggestions for new ways of organizing society.
  • WELCOME TO DUNDER MIFFLIN, by Brian Baumgartner and Ben Silverman. An oral history of the TV series “The Office” by one of its stars and one of its producers.
  • TASTE, by Stanley Tucci. The award-winning actor reflects on his career, Italian-American heritage, meals and mishaps. Waccamaw only.
  • RENEGADES, by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. Conversations between the 44th president and the multiple award-winning musician on a range of topics. Georgetown and Waccamaw.
  • THE BEATLES: GET BACK, by the Beatles. The story of the making of the band’s final album, gathered from transcripts of their conversations.
  • GOING THERE, by Katie Couric. The former anchor of the “CBS Evening News” and “Today” describes some of the personal and professional challenges she faced. Waccamaw only.
  • IMMUNE, by Philipp Dettmer. The founder of the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt gives an overview of elements of the body’s immune system.
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