Building Department

Recent News

Please note that our department was unfortunately damaged during the December 17, 2023 Nor'easter. Operations have relocated to the Executive Conference Room located behind County Council Chambers on the second floor of the Historic Courthouse. We apologize for any delays you may experience and appreciate your patience as we await repairs to our main office space.

Department Functions

This department functions to assure compliance with the 2021 (IRC) International Residential Code with South Carolina modifications for all one- and two-family dwellings and with the 2021 (IBC) International Building Code with South Carolina modifications for all other structures (commercial, multi-family, etc.). Related codes, i.e. fire, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, gas, and flood zone and other regulations apply as adopted.

For projects located in the unincorporated areas of Georgetown County, the division:

  • Issues building permits
  • Provides pre-construction plan review services
  • Inspects construction projects for compliance with all adopted building codes, regulations, ordinances and National Flood Insurance requirements
  • Interprets building codes
  • Issues change of tenant permits
  • Issues mobile home permits
  • Issues demolition, fire protection, sprinkler and other permits as required
  • Issues Demolition Permits

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