Building Department

Department Functions

This department functions to assure compliance with the 2021 (IRC) International Residential Code with South Carolina modifications for all one- and two-family dwellings and with the 2021 (IBC) International Building Code with South Carolina modifications for all other structures (commercial, multi-family, etc.). Related codes, i.e. fire, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, gas, and flood zone and other regulations apply as adopted.

For projects located in the unincorporated areas of Georgetown County, the division:

  • Issues building permits
  • Provides pre-construction plan review services
  • Inspects construction projects for compliance with all adopted building codes, regulations, ordinances and National Flood Insurance requirements
  • Interprets building codes
  • Issues change of tenant permits
  • Issues mobile home permits
  • Issues demolition, fire protection, sprinkler and other permits as required
  • Issues Demolition Permits

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