Midway Fire Rescue

Department Functions

Midway Fire Rescue is an all-hazards Emergency Services organization, providing response to approximately 70 square miles of the Waccamaw Neck, to include:

  • DeBordieu Colony
  • Litchfield Beach
  • Pawleys Island
  • Prince George

The Operations Division provides fire protection, emergency medical services response, treatment and transportation, water rescue and participates as a member of the Georgetown County Regional Special Operations Team providing technical rescue and hazardous material response. 

The Training/Special Operations Division coordinates all department-wide fire and emergency medical services training and is the liaison for the department's special operations and special operation teams. The Division of Fire and Life Safety is responsible for the plans-review process for all construction projects in the fire district, the commercial inspection program, the coordination and delivery of all public education programs and the fire investigation process.

Mission Statement

The mission of Midway Fire Rescue is to provide the highest quality of emergency and non-emergency service to the public that we serve with the resources available to us. We will do this by providing rapid and effective intervention and mitigation of fire, medical, and specialized rescue emergencies. We will work to reduce the potential for these emergencies through progressive public education and effective code enforcement and inspections. We will build and maintain community trust and respect by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional performance, education, personal development, and ethics.

Vision Statement

Midway Fire Rescue's vision of our future is a community where fire and life safety is an accepted way of life. A community made safe through the enhancement of our fire prevention activities, fire suppression and emergency medical efforts and through the relations with our community.

Value Statement

Customer service is essential in today's fire service. In keeping with this belief, it is important to enhance the employees' relationship with the customers. Our employees must be on the leading edge of training and technology.

ISO Rating

The Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Public Protection Classification for Midway Fire Rescue (Fire District Two) is 2/2X. Please contact your insurance provider to determine how this classification will impact your residential and/or commercial insurance rates

Smoke Alarms in Private Homes & Rental Properties

The Midway Fire Rescue, Division of Fire and Life Safety urges you to have a properly operating smoke alarm in each sleeping area of your home, as well as in the hallway and common areas. If the current smoke alarms in your home are greater than 10 years old, they should be replaced with smoke alarms featuring updated technology, most importantly, 10-year-life lithium batteries. 

The department will assist you with smoke alarm maintenance issues and the installation of new smoke alarms to the best of our ability. Please contact the Division of Fire and Life Safety at 843-545-3610 or email Midway Fire and leave the following information: 

  • Caller name
  • Caller address
  • Caller phone number
  • Assistance requested
  • Someone from our staff will respond to your request

If you live in a rental property, also include the landlord's name, landlord's phone number and rental company if applicable.

Community Training Center

Midway Fire Rescue offers a community training center for the public to take advantage of CPR and First Aid classes. These classes are scheduled as requested. Call 843-545-3620 for more information.

Child Safety Seat Checks

Midway Fire Rescue has the ability to assist with Child Safety Seat Installations. For questions or to schedule a safety check, please contact the Division of Fire and Life Safety at 843-545-3610 or email Midway Fire and leave the following information: 

  • name
  • address
  • best contact phone number
  • assistance requested

Someone from our staff will respond to your request

Fire & Life Safety Information

Additional Fire and Life Safety educational material can be located on the Midway Fire Rescue website.


If you are interested in a job with Midway Fire Rescue, please email Administrative Lieutenant Brianna Bostic or visit the Midway Fire Rescue website. Midway Fire Rescue consists of 64 full-time career personnel and 14 volunteers.