Property Tax Relief

Homestead Exemption - Exemption for the Elderly, Disabled or Blind

The Homestead Exemption covers taxpayers 65 and over or those totally and permanently disabled or legally blind. If you are a resident of this state for at least one calendar year and have reached the age of 65 on or before December 31, of the previous year, or have been classified as totally and permanently disabled, or are legally blind, you are qualified for an exemption of $50,000 of the fair market value of the dwelling place where you claim residency. Make an application at the auditor's office.

Exemption for All Residents

If you qualify for a 4% ratio on your residence, you are eligible for property tax relief.

High Mileage Appeals

For vehicles with high mileage, persons may request an appeal before the due date of the tax notice. The vehicle owner must sign a statement certifying the number of miles on the vehicle's odometer. The Auditor may require a visual check of the odometer to verify mileage.