County Road Systems

County Road Maintenance 

Georgetown County currently maintains the following:

  • Dirt (or portions of dirt) Roads: 80 miles
  • Slag: 107 miles
  • SABC: 15 miles
  • Milled Asphalt: 17 miles
  • Paved: 109 miles
  • For streets and roads that have different types of surfacing along them; the above numbers reflect the corresponding portion.
  • A total of 975 roads and 329 miles of county roadways are currently maintained. 

About the County Roads

Georgetown County consists of roads contributed by developers and individual property owners, and in-house or contracted county roads. There are approximately 975 roads in Georgetown County totaling 329 miles of roadway. Roughly 109 miles of these roads are paved and the other 220 miles consists of dirt roads and aggregate roads - stone, slag, recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and other base materials. 

Rights-of-way vary on these roads. While some rights-of-way include only the maintained area of the roadway, others are typically fifty foot. All developer-contributed and county-improved roads require a minimum fifty-foot road right-of-way. 

Existing roads vary in their cross-section construction, right-of-way, drainage, materials of construction, and design integrity. This is not uncommon as many of these roads were acquired by the county through hardship waivers or prior to the development of county standards for acceptance. 

Georgetown County upgrades roadways to a standard consistent with accepted design protocol as opportunities allow (including rights-of-way, drainage, alignment and cross-section improvement). 

Georgetown County Road Improvement Program

There are 7 newly petitioned road projects going through the process for determining eligibility and right-of-way so they can be considered for funding: 

  • Godfrey Road
  • Kingsbury Place
  • Sharon Place
  • Mae Place
  • Thatchpalm Court
  • Julian Court
  • Saluda Drive

"User Fee" Road Paving Projects

Fiscal Year 20 Fiscal Year 21 Fiscal Year 22
Huffman Lane Indian Hut Road Pharoah Street
Jobie Classroom Drive Ibis Avenue Thelma Lane
S. Cedar Street Simone Court/Royal Pine Drive Tony Drive
Veronica Road - Corner Loop
Washington Hill/Zeb Ford - Belladonna Court
Partridge Lane - Navajo Trail/Arapaho Road
Willard Loop - Kidneywood/Soldierwood
Gapway Road (Portion) - Plover Drive