South Carolina's Paper-Based Voting System

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S.C. Code 7-13-1620(A) states, in part: “A voting system may not be approved for use in the State unless certified by a testing laboratory accredited by the Federal Election Assistance Commission as meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements of federal voting system standards.”

Any updates to the voting system in South Carolina must be, by State Code, Certified by the EAC with an accredited Voting System Testing Laboratory and the SC State Election Commission. The EVS election system update is the first software/firmware update since the state wide voting system was purchased in 2019. To date, no other software/firmware updates have been performed on the voting system. 

Technical Details of the internal components and software of the voting system are proprietary to Election Systems & Software Inc. and cannot be provided by our office.

The current statewide voting system in South Carolina is Election Systems & Software Inc.'s ElectionWare Election Management System (EMS).

This system includes the following ES&S election equipment:

South Carolina State Election Commission – New Paper Based Voting System (SCVOTES.GOV)

A link to the SC Procurement of the voting system: Voting System Procurement Documents

ES&S EVS Certificate and Scope of Conformance Document

All documents about the EAC certification can be found at

  • Hardware and software components used in voting system.
  • Listing of OS system updates and patches affecting this release are included.
  • VVSG v1 compliance testing. 

The instructional video for South Carolina's new paper-based voting system can be viewed below or on the South Carolina Election Commission website at