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1. How do I execute the judgment after filing it with Clerk of Court’s Office?
2. What is the cost for filing a civil case?
3. What is the cost to file a Transcript of Judgment from the Magistrate’s Court?
4. What is the cost to file a Foreign Judgment?
5. How do I file a Transcript of Judgment from another County?
6. Do I file small claims cases in your office?
7. When is a case a matter for Magistrate Court and when it is for “Common Pleas?”
8. What type of case is a matter for Master-in-Equity Court and can I have my case heard there? Is it faster?
9. Do you provide case and judgment information to companies such as credit bureaus?
10. Does the Court of Common Pleas handle bankruptcy proceedings? If so, how?
11. How do I appeal the outcome of a Common Pleas case?
12. Can you tell me how to appeal a case from another (lower) court?
13. When will my Common Pleas case be heard?