How can I get my road paved? Is there a process?

Yes. You must request and complete a petition. Begin by calling Public Works at 843-545-3438. Public Works evaluates the petitions, then scores each petition once per year starting on April 1. Public Works scores the petitions based on criteria (PDF) developed by the County Transportation Committee (CTC). According to criteria score, a CTC priority listing then serves as the implementation plan for road improvements based on the availability of funds. For more information on the C-Fund program view the C-Fund program page.

Selected Roads

Once the CTC has selected roads to fund, the remaining roads on the priority list go to County Council for consideration. County Council, under Ordinance 2008-81 (PDF), annually collects road users fees, which are used to improve transportation within the county. These improvements include rocking and paving, as well as drainage, parking facilities and any other related needs required for general public access to publicly-owned facilities. County Council, based on the available funds for the current Fiscal Year, will select additional roads to improve under the Road User Fee Program (PDF)

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