What are the steps involved?
  1. Obtain the signatures of all property owners and return the petition  before April 1st to the Georgetown County Department of Public Works:
    P.O. Drawer 421270
    Browns Ferry Road
    Georgetown, SC 29442
  2. The staff will examine the history of the road, count homes, do a traffic count, and school bus routing information to analyze the road use.
  3. This information will be submitted annually to the County Transportation Committee.

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1. Who decides which roads will be improved?
2. How can I get my road considered to be improved?
3. Why must a petition be used?
4. When can petitions be submitted?
5. Who can request that a road be improved?
6. What are the steps involved?
7. Are there restrictions on the types of roads that can be considered for "C" Funds?
8. Once a road is scheduled to be improved, how long does it take?
9. Why does it take so long to get a road improved and why isn't my road on the list?
10. Whom should I call about the "C" Fund program to get answers to my questions?